International Laparoscopic D.MAS + F.MAS

Four Week Diploma and Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery is a versatile programme that offers a standard for comprehensive performance assessments for training and education in laparoscopic endoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgery within a multi-level curriculum. World Laparoscopy Hospital's Integrated Diploma and Fellowship (F.MAS + D.MAS) program focuses on safeguarding the quality of performance in laparoscopic procedures and goes beyond the basic skills to endoscopy and robotic surgery. WLH is the first standard that combines criterion-based assessment in the World's best skillslab with clinical assessment of performance on index procedures.


There will be 25% discount in the fee of Robotic Surgery Course, Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy Course or IVF Course if you join it together with laparoscopic Fellowship or Diploma program. Please Note there will not be any discount on laparoscopic surgery course fee only other course which you integrate with laparoscopy will have 25% discount.

Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons

The International College of Robotic Surgeons (ICRS), an international organization dedicated for the promotion of robotic surgery is running a center for training and innovation offering advanced robotic surgery training for surgeons, Gynecologists, Urologists and their team members. Our goal is to share our knowledge and team experience along with innovative methods in robotic surgery to impact the future of medicine. Through our extensive programming, ICRS can facilitate benefits for new and existing robotic programs in a variety of ways.

M.S. in Minimal Access Surgery

This One year M.S. in Minimal Access Surgery Degree course is designed for medical graduates who have postgraduate experience in surgery or gynecology with an interest in minimal access surgery. The course provides a period of study and academic research to gain an in-depth understanding of Minimal Access surgery and the safe implementation of associated technologies. Participants are expected to develop their research methodologies, presentation skills, and analytical and critical abilities, and to gain a degree of competence in Minimal Access Surgery. Candidates must hold MBBS or equivalent and at least 3 years post-registration experience in General surgery or Gynecology or degree of M.S or M.D for Indian candidates. After Successful completion of this course M.S degree will be awarded by Government recognized University.

Hands On Course of Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF)

This course of Assisted Reproductive Technology of World Laparoscopy Hospital provides an avenue for both scientists and clinicians to enter the extraordinary field of reproductive biology; and for those already familiar with this newly evolving area, an opportunity to gain greater clinical and scientific appreciation of the biological processes of human reproduction that are relevant to the manipulation of fertility and the treatment of reproductive disease.

Hands On Course in Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy

The main objectives of this programme are to update the scientific background and to promote the clinical and the technical skills of the accepted candidates. Interactive theoretical and video sessions between Faculty and course participants; live operative demonstrations from the laboratory .Hands-on training on live tissue (mini-pigs) in experimental lab. World Laparoscopy Hospital offers a structured endoscopy training program with clear goals for proper "Hands On" training.